Keeping your website up to date frequently can become a tough task. But it's also an vital phase of running a website. Keeping your visitors engaged with brand new, significant content is important, not just to them, but to search engines too.

Running a business is hard labour. You've got clients to focus to, supply to order, property & vehicles to maintain and a website to update.

So it makes logic to certify that when you've done the hard work of attracting a prospective new customer to your website that they are offered with brand new, significant and up to date information. If your website hasn't been updated in a while then that visitor could be unenthusiastic from contacting you!


We can add a news or blog section that's easy to update and quick to refresh. Schedule in a few hours every week to tell your clients what's new in your world and your website will enjoy a whole new lease of life. An additional advantage of frequently updating your website is in the search engine results. Google in particular gives higher rankings to websites that are updated regularly meaning you can see your website climb up the rankings over time. The more you update, the more Google and other search engines will reward you.

What we do is straightforward: We apply updates supplied to us by you promptly and resourcefully. We'll guarantee your website remains reliable and useful.

  • Product Updates

    1. New products added announced.
    2. Discontinuation of a product
    3. Upcoming price changes
  • Company News
      Growing so much you need new staff? Broadcast and introduce your new staff members.
  • Giveaways
      Having a good deal or a contest at regular intervals is a good way to create some buzz about your site.

Connecting Everything

Social media has turn out to be a part of how we lead our lives and the everyday events that are part of it. By using social bookmarking you can allow your visitors to share information with their contacts on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Your website needs to be robust enough to integrate social media ? Twitter and business blogs are a match made in Heaven.
To get you customers to follow you on Twitter or like your business on Facebook can be a challenge. Offering discounts, giveaways, and showcasing their comments on your website or next email promotion can help to entice sign-ups. Twitter is great places to offer personalized customer service. It's a free option in place of a live chat.

Development of the Design

We know that often a website will develop and modify due to either practical needs or something does not quite fit. At Majicbit we will work with you to get precisely how you want it with no compromise on your needs. If something needs to be altered or transformed then its "OK. As experts in web development we can without doubt re-code something or re-design a layout where necessary. All of our websites designs obey the rules to the highest standards and are built so that search engines find the content irresistible. We will make definite that Google analytics is setup as benchmark and that the right page structure is built.

Additional Feature

If at the time you created the website there was a little that got left out because of budget constraints, maybe the budget can have enough money for it now? If there is some kind of development that can be made or something that you didn?t think of previously. Maybe you have some feedback from people that needs to be implemented?

  • Fix a usability concern that has been cited
  • Time to add a blog if you do not have one already?
  • Time to add a blog if you do not have one already?
  • Did you join a social networking site or two? Add the suitable button(s) and links to your social profiles.
  • Add a frequently asked question section to cut down on emails and phone calls.

Link Check

Links become broken over time. With changes within the site links could have changed or are broken. To find out these problems we use link checker to test your external links and internal links at least once a month.

Test Website Speed

Testing the download speed of your site regularly is important. Chiefly if you have added a new feature. Internet surfers have a very short concentration span. If your site is slow to load, they are not going to wait. So we regularly test the speed so that your website sustain unmatched performance.

Customer Service

Our endeavor is to try harder for our clients than anyone else and to treat them as we would like to be treated. And its the very reason that we set up our Customer Service Centers creating a place that serves up exceptional customer service, every time. At Majicbit not only can we take care of your internet presence we can provide the expert support you need to keep your whole IT infrastructure healthy. We want you to know that above all, we value your dedication to making something on the web that makes a difference in the world. After all, we're "made for those who make", and we want to make it as easy and enjoyable as possible to express yourself online. Good customer service is the lifeblood of any web design business. They can offer promotions and slash prices to bring in as many new customers as they want, but unless they can treat you well as a customer they are not worth dealing with. Our teams respond through telephone, letter and email.

Proactive support-Behind the scenes, tech support specialists manage data centre monitor and respond to system alerts, in addition to upgrading networks, software and hardware on an ongoing basis.

Rapid response-When you contact support, a technical expert answers your call and email inquiries. Expertise and empowerment-Our highly experienced team can help you manage issues with complex, enterprise software. You don't need to go through an escalation process to find someone who can answer your question or make a decision.

End-user support-Support is available for everyone in your organization. If an end-user needs help with basic application support, they can count on us to walk them through it.

Customer feedback-At the end of each support call, customers receive a survey to rate their experience. A running tally of satisfaction scores and direct feedback is posted in real time on our home page.