About Majicbit

Whatever is your business strategy, Majicbit can offer cost-effective superior solutions for businesses and individuals looking for the finest & best-in-class in professional website design and customer service. We have experience in catering for small and medium sized enterprises providing online solutions. We value our clients and ensure all our services are tailored towards their precise prerequisite.

We build exclusive websites for your clients as well as for the clients you don't yet have. We have a extraordinary in-house development team, but we don't just focus on technology. Instead we focus on your business and what you need to make your company a success online. We specialise in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques.

However those concluding touches that turn a good webpage into an extraordinary website take expertise, know-how and extensive awareness of good website design practices.

Generally business websites sell to existing clients only. They do not present themselves well to new prospects, users who would be possibly looking for what they trade but don't identify how to find them. We can modify that through a superior research-led approach. If you propose to sell a product or offer a service from your site Majicbit can create an e-commerce system tailored explicitly to your requirements.

Our approach is to craft an eye-catching site and give you a good return on investment by encouraging clients and prospective clients to buy from you, boost how much they spend, faithfulness and repeat business.

At Majicbit we strive to offer you a site that's both visually electrifying and deals with the demands of your business and is imaginative, the innovative, and unique. If you have a great plan, we have the potential to put your dream online, and the power to sustain that dream.

Majicbit is the latest venture of the Aspire Learning Group. The unique combination of Business analysts, programmers, designers and our distinctive BOM (Build, Operate and Maintain) business model is the perfect team and approach to create and keep up the most creative and productive business website solutions.

M.A. John ? Chairman

Mr. M.A. John a member of the IIMB alumni, with masters in engineering and a gold medalist in B.sc maths ? Loyola (1979) is the executive chairman of Majicbit. With over 30years of experience and exposure in multiple business ventures, his excessive desire to succeed is astonishing. He has pioneered one of the largest educational and coaching centers in southern INDIA with an office in the USA (FLORIDA) inspiring the youth of today to overcome current challenges thrown at them and accomplish their goals. His extensive knowledge together with his success in all his ventures are phenomenal.

Noel NJ ? CEO

Mr. Noel Nitin John is the CEO of MAJICBIT, where he is responsible for growth and management of the global business. From an early age, under the guidance of a successful business man (M.A. John ? Chairman of MAJICBIT) Noel had a positive affinity towards business, his degrees in telecommunications and electronics, together with multiple domain certifications as a SAP consultant, have stimulated him towards taking this business to a 10000 seater by 2020. He is a NLP master certified trainer and also has a fondness for research and development of new gadgets.

Core IT team:

These are some of our highly skilled developers who are into core programming

  1. K. Ganesh Kumar  M.Tech(CSE)
  2. P. Muthu Kumar    M.Tech(CSE)
  3. K. Priya Dharshini  B.Tech(IT)
  4. R. Sharmila           M.C.A